Spelt dehuller

Spelt Dehuller type KMPP 300 separates spelt grain from husks. Mixture comes out from machine bottom outlet and comes to aspiration channel PAS, where husks and other light impurities are aspirated. Dehulled spelt grains with part of complete grains with husk (up to 10 %) and a heavier part of plant comes to outlet part of aspiration channel.
It is necessary to exhaust air from aspiration channel – using central aspiration, mobile exhaustor or separate fan with cyclone separator.

Feeding hopper, that can be loaded manually or by conveyer, is a part of delivery. Dehuller with aspiration channel can be fixed on a standard stand  (bag-filling assumed) or otherwise included to the technology.

Output capacity is about 200-500 kg/h of input material.


  • peeling of spelt
  • peeling of rice

Optional equipment:

  • apsiration channel PAS 300
  • sacking neck
  • stand

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